News: Gurren Lagann to Air on Toonami!


Gainax’s 2007 super robot anime, Gurren Lagann, will begin airing on Toonami on August 16, 2014. This isn’t the first time Gurren Lagann has been on American television; in fact, it ran several times on Syfy from 2008-2011. However, this is a great opportunity for one of my all-time favorites shows to reach a new audience. Especially now that Attack on Titan is drawing new fans to Adult Swim’s anime block.

In other news, Best Buy’s 3DS BOGO sale starts today. Some highlights of the sale include Yoshi’s New Island, Pokemon X/Y, and The Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds. Click here for a full list of games included in the sale.

[SOURCE: Anime News Network, Zelda Informer]

The Anime Show: All Anime Characters Are Original!

It’s been so long since I recorded this, I don’t remember what we talked about. I know that I talked about a manga called /Blush-DC in the first segment. After that it’s anyones guess. I’m pretty sure we answered Twitter questions.

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The Anime Show: Most Valuable Pony!

There’s been a lot of big anime news in the last few weeks. Crunchyroll manga, Bubblegum Crisis Kickstarters, and Space Dandy on Toonami. We also talk about my MacBook Pro crashing, someone stealing my credit card information, and Granny Chat. I’m pretty sure My Little Pony comes up, too.


The Anime Show: Are They Male Balloons? (FIXED)


We’re back! It’s been over two months since our last podcast. I think we forgot how. In this episode we try to talk anime, but end up talking about Breaking Bad (NO SPOILERS) and make beats in Ableton Live. Considering this episode is two hours long, I’m pretty sure video games come up at some point, too.

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The Inuyasha Rewatch: Episodes 1-13!

It’s the beginning of the most dangerous journey I’ve ever embarked on. Never mind the fact that the [FAILED] Fushigi Yuugi Rewatch was also referred to as the most dangerous journey. In this series of podcasts Bradley Meek and I will venture deep into the show that made us anime fans. Love it or hate it, without Inuyasha this podcast wouldn’t exist. And what a wonderful world that would be.